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With every new morning we learn new things everyday. School is one such place that not only nourishes the mind of young students but also gives a holistic environment to grow. My aim is to create an enriching and comfortable environment not only for students but also for our staff who are the careers of the students. 

"To Grow is to Learn" as rightly quoted by Mortimer Adler is what we thrive on as an institution. Learning not just the fundamentals but learning how to enjoy the potential budding within the students is our path. 

We support the individual well-being of our students by focusing on an array of opportunities for them to achieve from academic, creative, cultural, sports to group and team learning.

Even though, methods of learning have changed immensely after the birth of novel Coronavirus, nonetheless we at GIS still care for the community we've build through the years of dedication and commitment. With online learning and teaching, we aim to navigate students and parents on a journey of an easy voyage on rough waters like pandemic in such unprecedented times. 

To conclude, I would like to reiterate that epistemology; a strand of philosophy does not constrain us to knowledge and theories only but also helps us to reason and become rationale in our thinking and understanding. 

In the meantime, Stay Blessed, Safe and Well!


Giri International School

West Patel Nagar

New Delhi-110008 

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